Operating out of Arcata, California, Sunshine Outfitters provides packing services and guided trips to the Trinity Alps, Marble Mountain, and Russian Wilderness Areas, respectively.

Employing two pack-trained burros we run a low key, low cost operation to get you, family and friends mountain-high in relative style. We specialize in families, friends groups, the older and wiser among us, and those preferring a good meal and cool drink up high. 

NOTE: We will be away from email and phone between February 23 and April 5. If you'd like to book a trip, to best secure your preferred dates please send us an email. On a first come first served basis, we'll do our best to reserve your dates upon our return.                                               

On a Guided Trip we meet your group at the trailhead, pack in a kitchen and high-quality ingredients (organic produce and products, whenever possible), then cook, clean, and watch over camp while you day-hike, swim, and just plain relax. Depending on your budget and tastes our cuisine can include a mid-morning brunch (such as made-to-order omelettes, skillet potatoes, french toast, fresh fruit), and dinnertime mains including wild-caught King salmon, Dutch-oven chicken enchiladas, or a vegetarian dish alongside wild rice, a fresh salad, and a fire-baked fruit cobbler. 

Guided Trip Rates

Depending on a number of trip variables - including culinary & beverage preferences, trip duration, group size, and final destination - guided trips typically range between $85 and $150 per person, per day. Please contact us for details: 

info@sunshineoutfitters.com  or (707) 498-1084                                  

Guided Trips

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A Note on Wilderness Trips

Wilderness is not for everyone. However, for people who already know its ways - including the shifting nature of weather, trail conditions, campsite availability, etc. - wilderness experience is a true delight. As such our clients should prepare for an experience matching the setting (vs. a resort-style experience or similar); a setting where almost anything can happen, and on occasion does. Drop Camp clients, in particular, are responsible for preparing and managing for their own well-being the duration of their trip. In turn, our job as an outfitter is to help get you in and / or or out, packing those heavier goodies and necessities that make your trip the best it can be.

With a Drop Camp we​ typically we pack you in and head back empty to the trailhead all in one day. On occasion a Drop Camp client will have a special request, such as a destination far into the wilderness requiring more than one day to access, or a higher volume of food & gear requiring two round-trips or similar to get in (and sometimes out). In cases like these, trip pricing will adjust in consultation with the client.


Sunshine Outfitters employs a "Drop Camp" packing service. This is where we meet you at a designated trailhead, load up then pack in up to 160 lbs. of your own food and gear, then leave you be to enjoy the wild. We also run food re-supply trips for Pacific Crest Trail hikers and those circumnavigating the Trinity Alps and/or Marble Mountain Wilderness.

​​$485        Drop Camp going in (one-way in one day)
$435        Drop Camp coming out

Starting Drop Camp Rates:

An equal opportunity provider, Sunshine Outfitters: operates under special use permit issued by the Shasta-Trinity, Six Rivers, and Klamath National Forests; is an equal opportunity employer, and; practices "Leave No Trace" camping.

Packing Services

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